Preparatory Visit- Sail and Moss Project
27th-28th November 2008
We were delighted to host a preparatory visit to examine ways we can work together across Europe for the benefit of GCNS ,
our partners and the European community as a whole. We welcomed :
Heikki Koivisto, Director of Education, Maritime, School of Maritime Management Rauma, Satakunta University of Applied
Sciences, Finland.
Janusz Uriasz, the Head of Institute of Marine Navigation, University of Szczecin, Poland.
Bill Lambert who is International Sales Manager, Maritime and Naval Simulation, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH,
Roy Wain, Managing Director of Corinhall Ltd, England.
John Ross, the Personnel /Training manager for Forth Ports, Scotland.
Kenny McLachlan, training instructor for Forth Ports, Scotland.
Gary Scott, training instructor for Forth Ports who is also from Scotland.

Working with them on these projects will be Derek Robbie (Assistant Principal Maritime), Drew Strannigan, (Head of School
Marine Operations) Robin Lewis(Lecturer Marine Operations), Richard Creevy (Simulator Technician)from Maritime faculty,
Ann Dorrian(Blended Learning Coordinator), George Howie (Learning Resources Manager), Bob McInally (Blended Learning
Developer) from Learning Resources and in advisory roles Peter Midgley (Assistant Principal the faculty of Business, Leisure &
Creative Industries), Jim Burns (Head of Quality and Marketing) and Douglas Dickson (Quality Manager SQA coordinator).
In the picture below from left to right
Roy, Janusz , Bob McInally ,George Howie and Heikki listening intently to Drew Strannigan explain his vision of where we are
going in the simulation online materials project.
This project will create new online materials for learners who will be able to practice before they use our simulator, and after
they have passed the course to reinforce their learning.
Image       Image
From Forth Ports to Gdansk two of our partners (John Ross Forth ports left, Janusz Uriasz , right) in the transfer of innovation
project which will transfer Forth ports innovative Stevedore qualification across Europe, are enjoying a working lunch with
GCNS' famous soup.
Janusz and Heikki are also currently partnering GCNS on the MarTEL project which has been funded by European Funds and
aims to set standards in Maritime English across Europe.

Some pictures taken by one of our overseas visitors, Heikki from Finland.

The visitors were interested in our
The visitors were fascinated by David
age range of our students.

Thistle Resource Centre and wide Brown and his marine machines


The due date for submission of both projects is 27th February 2009. I will keep you informed on progress.
Ann Dorrian